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Our practice offers you and your family a health care team of pediatricians and nurse practitioners to provide your child with high quality and cost effective health care seven days a week.  Your child's pediatric health care team plays an important role by providing preventive health care, helping you and your family through times of illness, and answering questions about common childhood problems.

COVID-19 Update 8/4/2020 😷

As things have opened up around the country, it's important to us to be accessible to all of our patients.  In August, both sites are available for both well & sick visits.  We have new cleaning equipment that allows for thorough cleaning of exams rooms, which will be used in conjunction with additional surface cleaning between each patient, mask wearing, and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Our goal for the fall will be to scale back just a bit on routine well visits to accommodate potential demand for sick visits, little ones requiring vaccines, flu vaccination, and the increase in routine illness that the colder seasons bring.  

 Appointment Scheduling: 

  • We are available in both sites Monday-Friday, 8:30a-5:00p.  Morning will be for well visits only and afternoon for both sick and well in both sites.
  • All patients coming in for sick visits will be screened, via brief questionnaire, for COVID-19.  The purpose of this screening is to ensure providers are wearing the appropriate PPE during your child's visit.  Patients responding positively to COVID-19 screenings will be asked to remain in their vehicles & call to check in (Woburn check in line: 781-638-1075; North Andover check in line: 978-557-5712).

Visiting Our Office: 

  • Patients responding positively to COVID-19 screenings will be asked to remain in their vehicles and call to check in and for further instruction on entering the building.
  • We require all adults & children over 2 years to wear a mask/face covering when visiting our office & throughout your visit. Please remember that only one parent/guardian (no siblings, please) should accompany the child to his/her visit.  
  • We continue to take appropriate precautions to decrease germ transmission within our office by limiting our waiting room access, regular cleaning, frequent handwashing, wearing personal protective equipment. and social distancing to the best of our ability.  
  • Please make an effort to complete your child’s pre-visit questionnaires on MyChart, our new patient portal! This will not only move along your visit to our office, but also allow our providers to review beforehand.  MyChart is also where your child's health form will be sent so you can print/save/email from home.  If you haven’t yet signed up, please call the office! 

Additional Information: 

  • Testing for COVID-19 is becoming more widespread but we are only able to consider testing for those who are acutely ill. 
  • We are currently booking for  AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, & OCTOBER.  We're open and available to all, but as we transition into fall we hope to prioritize little ones and those requiring vaccines.  
  • Because the symptoms of COVID-19 & seasonal influenza are similar, it will be very important to ensure eligible children receive their flu vaccine this year.  Please stay tuned for information on arrival of flu vaccine and scheduling of flu clinics this fall! 


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