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Our practice offers you and your family a health care team of pediatricians and nurse practitioners to provide your child with high quality and cost effective health care seven days a week.  Your child's pediatric health care team plays an important role by providing preventive health care, helping you and your family through times of illness, and answering questions about common childhood problems.

COVID-19 Update 2/9/2021 😷

We kindly request that if your child or parent/guardian has had exposure to COVID-19, and/or any compatible symptoms, that you connect with our office prior to visiting.  We must complete the COVID-19 pre-screen questions, and may ask that you call to check in from your car.  This will give us a few extra moments to gear up in the appropriate PPE and ensure an exam room is ready before calling you up for your appointment.  It's critical for us to keep our staff safe so that we keep our patients and their families safe too! 

In an effort to expand testing availability for our patients, we are now able to provide testing for both symptomatic patients and patients who have been exposed to COVID-19.  

Calling Our Office
  • We are available in both sites Monday-Thursday 8:00a-6:00pm & Fridays 8:00a-5:00pm.  Please note that our phones lines typically switch over to our answering service one hour prior to closing time.
  • Our front office staff will determine how best to handle your call.  Symptomatic patients will be advised to make an appointment, preferably an in person visit.  Patients with history of a direct exposure to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 will be advised to schedule a virtual visit.
Visiting Us
  • Please no walk ins to our office for any reason...please call first! 
  • All patients visiting our office require COVID-19 pre-screening so that we can ensure providers are wearing the appropriate PPE during your child's visit.  Positive responses will not jeopardize your ability to be seen but rather help us wear the appropriate PPE & sanitize properly. 
    • Patients responding positively to COVID-19 screenings, for both sick & well visits, will be asked to remain in their vehicles & call to check in (Woburn check in line: 781-638-1075; North Andover check in line: 978-557-5712).
  • We require all adults & children over 2 years to wear a mask/face covering when visiting our office & throughout your visit. Please remember that whenever possible, only one parent/guardian (no siblings, please) should accompany the child to his/her visit.
  • For patients/parents/guardians with current COVID infection or currently in quarantine, we kindly ask you to reschedule your non-urgent/well visit.
  • We continue to take appropriate precautions to decrease germ transmission within our office by limiting our waiting room access, regular cleaning, frequent handwashing, wearing personal protective equipment, and social distancing to the best of our ability.  

Testing for COVID-19

In an effort to expand testing availability for our patients, we are now able to provide testing for both symptomatic patients and patients who have had direct exposure to COVID-19.  We generally prefer to see symptomatic patients in office so that we can do a physical exam & ensure there are no alternative diagnoses before ordering testing. 

Patients who do not have symptoms but were directly exposed will need to have a virtual visit before ordering any testing.  Our scheduling staff will call you after your virtual visit to schedule your lab appointment.  In Woburn, testing is done during certain hours and typically on the first floor in Suite 100, so the scheduling staff will provide you with clear instructions.

  • Depending on volume & the type of testing available, results are expected in about 24 hours or so. COVID results are auto-published to your child's MyChart account as soon as they are available, so we will only call you with positive results.
  • At this time, we are not offering testing for travel, job clearance, or athletic clearance.  Please use this tool to locate a testing facility near you. We strongly encourage calling ahead to inquire about each site's procedures, how long results are taking to return, and what your insurance may or may not cover.

  • MA Department of Public Health Quarantine Guidelines 12/7/20

Vaccination for COVID-19

We do not have COVID vaccine available for patients and are not sure when that may happen, but will follow the recommendations of the CDC and MA DPH on phases of vaccine rollout.  We will keep our patients & families updated as we learn more on the process but there are numerous hurdles to overcome, such as vaccine availability, eligibility criteria, scheduling, & many more.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate all of these, & you can follow along here & our Facebook page for updates!

The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for use in patients 16+ years while the Moderna vaccine is for 18+ years.  Vaccine for younger children is not yet available but studies are in process.  Research studies are beginning for younger age groups & are an important step in the development and use of any new vaccine.  If you have an eligible adolescent and might be willing to participate in a study, this one at UMass Medical School is currently enrolling participants ages 12-17 years.  Many of you know that our practice had a research department years ago that was proud to participate in studies like these, so we’re definitely advocates for participation!  

Post-COVID Infection Cardiac Clearance

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, we now know there have been limited reports of cardiac effects from even mild COVID infections.  The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending clearance for return to sports/activity after COVID based on factors including severity of symptoms & intensity of sport/activity.  Adolescent athletes with history of symptomatic COVID infection should connect with our nurses to determine the best course of action before returning to activities.  Once the patient is determined safe to return, a gradual return to play will be recommended.

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