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Specialty Care Coordination

Please call our Specialty Care Department (781-933-0254) before your child sees a specialist recommended by our medical staff, regardless of insurance requirements. After that appointment has been scheduled, please call and be prepared to leave the following information on the voicemail:

  1. child’s name and DOB
  2. specialist’s name
  3. appointment date and the reason for the appointment
  4. insurance plan & ID number if you have a new plan
  5. best daytime phone number to reach you

About Our Specialty Care Department

You may also send the details noted above through MyChart. Regardless of your insurance plan’s authorization requirements, you should still call the Specialty Care Department so they can send your child’s clinical history to the specialist prior to the appointment. Communicating this information to us will ensure that the proper documentation is sent, in addition to processing any authorizations required for coverage.

Your PCP knows your child’s history and health care needs, and is best qualified to help you with specialty care. For example, the athletic trainer can “recommend” physical therapy, but the PCP needs to approve the request.

Please be aware that some urgent care/walk in visits require insurance authorization, and should only be used if our office is closed or you are directed by our staff. Please call the Specialty Care Department after urgent care/walk in visits take place to provide the above requested details, so we can document your child’s chart with the information, and our staff can help our families determine if authorization is needed to cover the visit.

It is the family’s responsibility to understand their insurance benefits and guidelines, and that a referral or authorization is not a guarantee of payment. Please verify that the specialist we referred your child to is currently participating with your specific insurance plan as contract/networks for specialists could change.

Call our Specialty Care Department

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