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Pediatricians in Woburn and North Andover

Our Mission

We know how important your child’s good health and development are to you. Our goal is to offer high quality medical care to our patients and to assist you in any way regarding the health needs of your family.

We believe quality healthcare is cost effective healthcare when given in a timely manner by knowledgeable professionals. Through health care teams of pediatricians & nurse practitioners, we provide your child with excellent health care seven days a week. Our provider teams are meant to provide your family with continuity of care, so if your child’s primary care provider (PCP) is not in or available, we will work hard to schedule your child with a member of your primary team. This allows a small group of providers to form a trusting relationship with your child & family.

Our History, by Dr. Joseph Leader

Hello and welcome to our website! I would like to give you a little background about how our practice got started. In the spring of 1967, I returned to Massachusetts from Amarillo, Texas where I was Chief of Pediatrics in the Air Force. At that time my wife and I had two children and I was looking to open up a practice in the area. After doing some research of the surrounding towns, I had found that Woburn did not have any pediatricians. In fact, there were only three family doctors in the area at the time. I was lucky enough to find office space in an old historical farmhouse on Pleasant Street in Woburn and there, on August 15, 1967, is where I began Woburn Pediatrics.

Literally, for the next three years, I was on call. I was lucky enough to have two exam rooms. It was routine back then to meet our moms and dads with their sick children at the office at 2 and 3 in the morning. Not many families had health insurance like there is today, so at that time I charged $8.00 an office visit. If at anytime, day or night, there was an emergency that required hospital care, I would have to meet you there. There was no such thing as an “ER doctor” back then – I was the ER doctor! These were, to say the least, some of the most exciting times of my career.

In July of 1970 Dr. Robertson joined me and at that time we were able to expand our small office into a “bigger” small office. We still have parents reminiscing about how they remember Dr. Robertson riding up on his bicycle to meet them at the office. By the time Dr. d’Entremont joined us in 1976, we were ready for a real expansion. We moved our office to Kilby Street in Woburn, where we stayed for 16 years. In 1989 we moved to our current location on Alfred Street. By then, we had been joined by Dr. Connolly and Dr. Vogler. Since that time, we have been joined by various other physicians.  Over the years, we have also brought on a number of experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (see Meet Us section) with whom we work in teams to ensure we can serve you well over a large number of hours. In 1998 we opened our office in North Andover, which is staffed by Dr. Freire & several other physicians & nurse practitioners. They are occasionally available on call in Woburn, but spend most of their scheduled time in North Andover.

Again, I would like to welcome you to both Woburn Pediatrics or North Andover Pediatrics. We look forward to making this a comfortable and exciting experience!

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