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Sick Child Visits in Woburn and North andover, MA

Office hours are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, you may call the main number. If you feel you have an urgent issue, please state this clearly when you call. Common reasons for sick visits include the following symptoms:

  • High and/or persistent fever
  • Any unusual symptom that lasts for more than three days in a row
  • Persistent pain, such as stomachache, sore throat, headache, or an earache
  • Basic injuries

We make an effort to allow adequate time for same-day sick appointments.  Please call as early in the day as possible so that we may accommodate you as efficiently as possible. If you are planning to have two or more children seen during an office visit, you need to make an appointment for each child. Each child seen without an appointment makes us 15-20 minutes late for all subsequent appointments.

All illnesses do not require an office, so if you are unsure, please speak with one of our nurses who can help you decide what is best.

True Emergencies

In the event of a true emergency where your child is unstable, call 911 to proceed to the nearest emergency room:

  • Your child is not breathing or appears to be having severe respiratory distress
  • Your child is having signs of an anaphylactic reaction (usually hives, along with vomiting and/or wheezing or difficulty breathing)
  • Your child is unconscious and cannot be aroused
  • Your child has had a traumatic injury, cannot move arms or legs or complains of severe neck pain
  • Severe uncontrolled bleeding

After Hours Care

Many common pediatric concerns such as ear pain or sore throat can be discussed and treated symptomatically until the office reopens for normal business hours.  We hope to help avoid a lengthy ER visit, expensive ER copay, high deductible payment, and treatment by a physician who is unfamiliar with your child and his/her medical issues.

If you need to reach us for an urgent matter after hours, please call the main number for either office. The answering service will either contact a triage nurse to help you or contact the physician on call. If you have not received a call back within 1 hour or so, please call the answering service again and inform them that you have not yet received a response to your call. Don’t forget to remove Anonymous Caller Rejection, if you have it, by dialing *87.

If you have a true emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room!

Schedule a Sick Child Visit

Call Woburn & North Andover Pediatrics at (781) 933-6236 or (978) 557-5712
to schedule a sick child visit today!

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