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MyChart: Our Patient Portal

About MyChart

MyChart is a third-party application and may update their website and/or app without notifying our practice. We will do our best to keep up-to-date information here on how to locate the most important items. If you have any questions, please call the office and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

Access Types

Online communication helps us streamline care and give you the information you need in a format you can access at your convenience. MyChart Access is available for patients 13 years and older and legal guardians [proxy accounts] of patients under 18 years. Please call the office for initial sign up. Certain MyChart functions are subject to access limitations.

Full Access: Patients 13 years and older AND proxies of patients under 13 years

  • Lab results
  • Letters and Health Forms
  • Growth charts
  • Immunization list
  • Pre-physical questionnaires
  • After Visit Summaries
  • View allergies, medications, immunizations, growth charts, and problem list
  • Send non-urgent messages to their child’s primary care provider (Always call for urgent matters)
  • Pay bills & view statements (patient accounts and proxies with Billing access)
  • View, request, book, or cancel appointments
  • Make a Referral request
  • Eligible to participate in Virtual Visits

Proxy Access: Proxies of adolescents age 13 years until 18 years

  • Letters and Health Forms
  • Growth charts
  • Immunization list
  • Send non-urgent messages to their child’s primary care provider (Always call for urgent matters)
  • Pay bills & view statements*
  • Request/book appointments
  • View upcoming Physicals or Flu Vaccine appointments (other visits only show for Full Access)
  • Make a Referral request

MyChart Features

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits must be done through an account with full access, which includes a proxy of a child under 13 years or a patient 13 years or older. Once logged into MyChart with the proper account, navigate to Appointments to begin the Pre-Visit Validation process. Once this process is complete, you will be prompted to Begin the Visit, and it will open automatically in Zoom.

You are eligible for a virtual visit using any mobile smartphone or tablet, such as an IPhone, Android, or iPad. From your mobile device, download the MyChart app through the Apple Store or Google Play. You will also need to download the Zoom application, as this software enables the virtual visit.

If you have followed the steps above and have been waiting more than 5-10 minutes past your appointment time, please call the office to assure you that you are all set & your provider will be joining your visit shortly.

MyChart Virtual Visit FAQ

Printing a Health Form

To print a health form, you’ll need to be on a browser (not the mobile app).

Select the child’s name and navigate to the child’s Menu in the left corner. Under Communication, click on Letters. Select the form and click the print icon in the upper right.

To save and email, print to PDF and save the file to your computer.

Health Form

Making a Payment Online

*Payments can be made through MyChart for patient accounts or proxy accounts with Billing access. Only one proxy account may have Billing access. Call the office if you feel you should have this but don’t. 

To make a payment without this access, you may Pay as Guest or click Make Payment below. You will need the account number on your statement. You will not be able to see past payments or balances.

For balances from Dates of Service before March 31, 2020, please call the office and mention the date of service for which you want to pay.

Sending Messages with Attachments

In some cases, it may be necessary to send a MyChart message with an attached photo, video, or document. In most cases, messages are routed to the office of the Primary Care Physician, and will be available to members of the office’s clinical staff.

  • From the website: Messages > Ask a Question > choose New Medical Question
  • From the App: Messages > Send a Message > choose Medical Advice

After entering the text of your message, you will find a link to add “Attach an Image” or add an “Attachment”.

Please note that MyChart messaging should not be used for any urgent issues. These messages are not monitored after hours.

Paperless Statements

If your account has a balance after insurance has paid, a statement is created for you. As of June 28, 2022, paperless statements will be the default method for all guarantors so instead of receiving a printed statement in the mail, guarantors will be able to access statements online in MyChart. If we have your email address, then you will automatically get an email alert when a statement is available for you to view on MyChart.

If you would like to continue receiving paper statements in the mail, then you may cancel paperless billing in MyChart.  You can always turn paperless billing back on at any time by following these steps

  • From the Billing Summary page, click the paperless billing alert.
  • Enter and verify your email address and select the corresponding check box to receive notifications.
  • Select the I understand that I will no longer receive statements in the mail check box and click Sign Me Up.

Access Patient Portal

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