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Tylenol/ibuprofen Shortage 1/6/23

We’re hearing lots of worries about not being able to find Tylenol/ibuprofen. Don’t panic though, not all fevers require fever reducers!

✔️ Not all fevers need to be treated with medicine.

There is no magic number to decide when to treat, so we recommend treating the child & not the number. If he/she seems comfortable & not too cranky, simply dressing in light/loose clothing & being sure they are well hydrated might be enough for now.

✔️Try alternatives to keep your child comfortable.

Fever can increase fluid demands, so hydration is key – push those fluids! Popsicles can help keep them hydrated (and happy!). Use nasal saline drops for those congested noses. A humidifier can help loosen secretions too. A teaspoon or two of honey (only in children over 1 year) can help lessen coughing. Salt water gargles can help ease sore throats. Extra snuggles always help too!

✔️ Look elsewhere for what you need or try a different formulation.

Try less popular places like convenience stores or non-chain pharmacies or ask a friend if they have any to spare. Look for store brand/generic versions of acetaminophen/ibuprofen. Look for different formulations like acetaminophen suppositories or chewables (check concentration and use as directed). Fun fact: Infant & Children’s Tylenol are the SAME concentration!

Acetaminophen dosing:
Ibuprofen dosing:

❌ Never substitute children’s fever reducers like Tylenol/ibuprofen with aspirin.

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