Flu Vaccine 2019-2020  8/28/2019

The CDC recommends seasonal flu vaccine for children 6 months and older.  We expect our first shipments of vaccine to arrive in late September or October.  Please stay tuned to our Facebook page (@woburnnorthandoverpedi) for updates as they become available!  

New Schedule Available   8/1/2019

The new monthly schedule is now available. Please call either office to schedule your child's physical exam as soon as possible.

Health forms are provided at routine physical exams. For most schools & activities, these forms can be substituted in unless programs insist on use of their own particular forms. Please note that we do not keep completed health forms on file...they are completed at routine physicals & are valid for 13 months. Please be sure to make copies to use for school, camps, & other programs. If you do require a new form to be completed, please allow up to 1 week for completion.

Helpful Hint: Some insurance plans cover one physical exam per calendar year (HMO plans), while others are more rigid with their time specifications (often one year + one day from last physical exam). Before scheduling, check with your plan for details!

Reminder To Parents: Children under the age of 18 who are coming into the office for physical exams should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If this is not feasible, a parent/guardian should be reachable by phone. If no one is present or reachable, children will need to return to the office at a later date to receive their immunizations and/or lab work.  

Masshealth Plan Changes 6/29/2018

If your child is insured under Masshealth, please be sure he/she is enrolled in the Fallon Wellforce Care Plan to continue seeing your primary care physician here at Woburn & North Andover Pediatrics.  

MassHealth changed its health plan options in March 2018, and our practice is now part of a new MassHealth health plan called Wellforce Care Plan - a MassHealth Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Partnership Plan with Fallon Health. If you have MassHealth insurance coverage, you will need to select the Wellforce Care Plan option by June 28, 2018 to continue seeing your child's primary care physician.  MassHealth should have enrolled you in the Wellforce Care Plan for 3/1/2018, but we have learned that some of our patients may have been incorrectly assigned to other plans.

If you have questions about your plan or it's coverage, please call Masshealth at 800-841-2900.  If you are sure you have been enrolled in the Fallon Wellforce Care Plan and have questions about this plan's restrictions, please call Fallon Health at 855-508-4715.

MA Immunization Information System 1/19/2016

We are pleased to announce that our office is now participating in the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS).  The MIIS is the new statewide, electronic record-keeping system (or registry) that keeps track of your immunizations (shots).  This new system will help us keep complete and accurate records of the shots that you or your children get from any doctor or healthcare provider in Massachusetts.  It was developed by the Immunization Program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  Our startup with the MIIS is January 2016. Please note that although immunizations given in the past are not currently available, our vendor is working to correct this issue.

The MIIS will eventually:

  • keep all of your immunization information together in one place for you & all your healthcare providers
  • allow providers to review which shots you and your children are due for and when
  • find immunizations given by other providers (such as flu shots or past providers)
  • allow other certified users (such as school nurses) to see your vaccines so they don’t need to ask you to ask your primary care for a copy

Immunization registries like the MIIS help healthcare providers make sure that everyone is up-to-date on their immunizations with the goal to keep us all healthy and prevent the spread of harmful disease.  The system has been created according to state law, which requires that healthcare providers who give immunizations report them to the MIIS.  All information in the MIIS is kept confidential.  You may choose to limit the providers who may see your or your child’s shot records in the MIIS.  However, if you do choose to limit who can view your/your child’s shot history, we may be unable to give you a complete and accurate record of your/your child’s shots.

More information about the MIIS is available from the office. You may also visit the MIIS website (www.mass.gov/dph/miis) or contact the Massachusetts Immunization Program at 617-983-6800 or 888-658-2850.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment! 

Online Appointment Scheduling 11/25/15

Starting the first week of December, we will begin offering limited online appointment scheduling. This feature, available via Healow.com or the Healow app, may be utilized by established patients only. Appointments may be scheduled online for routine well visits at least one month from the current date. Download the app or visit Healow.com (also available via links from our website) to find our practice availability!

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