Offices Closed Due to Weather 12/16/2020

With the threat of a significant snow storm tonight & tomorrow, both offices will be CLOSED on Thursday, December 17, 2020. There will be a physician on call for any urgent issues that may arise.  Please note that that we will not be monitoring any electronic MyChart requests while the office is closed.  We expect to re-open on Friday, just as soon as everyone can clear snow & arrive safely! Be safe out there and check back here & our Facebook for any updates!

Dr. d'Entremont Retiring 12/1/2020

After over forty years in practice, Dr. Richard d'Entremont is retiring.  We will miss him dearly but continue to wish him well wishes after his recent back surgery.  See Dr. d's letter to his patients/families here.

March Schedule Now Available   12/1/2020

The schedule for March is now available. Please call either office to schedule your child's physical exam as soon as possible.

Health forms are published to MyChart within 24 hours of your child's well visit, so you can view, print (from a desktop only), save as PDF/email when needed (from a desktop only).  For most schools & activities, these forms can be substituted in unless programs insist on use of their own particular forms.

Helpful Hint: Some insurance plans cover one physical exam per calendar year (HMO plans), while others are more rigid with their time specifications (often one year + one day from last physical exam). Before scheduling, check with your plan for details!

Reminder To Parents: Children under the age of 18 who are coming into the office for physical exams should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If this is not feasible, a parent/guardian should be reachable by phone. If no one is present or reachable, children will need to return to the office at a later date to receive their immunizations and/or lab work. 

MyChart Updates 11/6/2020

MyChart will undergo a few updates next week (Thurs 11/12/20), and though the look will be a bit different, the functionality will be the same.  With the update, you'll be able to upload images of your insurance care which we need on file for every visit.  Another new feature you will see is Hello Patient, a virtual check in feature that becomes available in your app 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  Once you check in from the parking lot, we will call you within 5-10mins to complete the check in process & provide further instructions.  If you choose to utilize this function, please be patient with us while we work to establish a smooth workflow.  Please note that we will not be able to use this function on weekends or holidays.

Remember that our practice is using MyChart regularly for lab results, health forms/immunizations, and flu clinic scheduling - it's a great tool to connect with us!  

Dr. Connolly Retiring 10/6/2020

After over thirty years in practice, Dr. Patricia Connolly will be retiring at the end of this year.  We will definitely miss her but wish her the very best in her new adventures!  See Dr. Connolly's letter to her patients/families here.

Flu Vaccine Available 9/24/2020 - Now Scheduling! 

Flu clinics are being held on select weekend days throughout October/early November & appointments are now available - please log on to MyChart to schedule! All patients attending a clinic will need an appointment scheduled & online pre-screening done beforehand!

With MA requiring flu vaccine for all school age students (exemptions only for medical or religious reasons), the demand for flu vaccine is expected to be higher this year.  Here's how our patients can access flu vaccine:

  • Flu clinics
    We will be primarily vaccinating our patients via a series of clinics in throughout October.  Appointments are required & should be scheduled via MyChart.  If you need assistance setting up MyChart accounts, please call the office.  Once scheduled, you will receive further instructions on visiting us for those appointments. 
    •   Clinics will look a bit different this year due to COVID-19:
      - We're reducing in person contact by using MyChart for online pre-screens & avoiding exchanging paperwork/pens (screens are sent 2 days prior to your appointment)
      - Slightly slower pace than usual to avoid overcrowding...please adhere to your assigned appointment time!
      - One way traffic in & out of the office
      - Regular cleaning of exam rooms throughout the clinic
      - Wearing of appropriate PPE
  • Scheduled well visits
    If your child has a scheduled well visit, eligible children may receive flu vaccine at their appointment. 
    • Due to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you call ahead if you have a sibling that you would like to bring along for flu vaccine.  We will do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests.
  • Nurse visit
    Some patients may not be ideal candidates for flu clinics, so our nurses will be available on select weekdays for patients with severe developmental delays, history of fainting after vaccines, or those who are severely needle phobic.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment. 
    • Please note that flu nurse appointments in Woburn will be completed on the first floor (Suite #100).
  • Other local facilities
    If the above options are not optimal for your family, there are many other local clinics offering vaccination.  Check with pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Target, Stop & Shop, etc.), urgent care clinics (Carewell, AFC, Minute Clinic, etc.), and other facilities (local boards of health, schools, Passport Health) on their availability, what age they vaccinate, & what their hours are.  Here is a vaccine finder tool available that may help!
    • If your child is vaccinated elsewhere, please send us a non-urgent MyChart message with the date and location of administration so that we can update your child’s medical record.

We've always been big supporters of flu vaccine, and with COVID-19 having so many similar symptoms as seasonal flu, we agree that vaccination this year is even more important.  You can read more on vaccinating children for seasonal flu here, but here are some key items you need to know:

  • Flu vaccine is recommend for ages 6 months and over.
  • We typically vaccinate with Fluzone, a quadrivalent preservative free flu vaccine.
  • Children 6 months thru age 8 years being vaccinated with flu vaccine for the first time (never had flu vaccine before OR have previously only gotten one dose) need a booster dose. Booster doses are spaced at least 4 weeks (28 days) apart.
  • Flu vaccine is safe for individuals with minor egg allergies. If your egg-allergic child is able to tolerate baked egg containing products & has never experienced allergic symptoms other than hives, he/she is able to receive flu vaccine.
  • Flu vaccine usually takes about 2 weeks to provide protection.

If asked to provide documentation of vaccination to your child's school/program, you can obtain their vaccine history via MyChart:

  • Log in to MyChart on a desktop
  • Under the Health tab, click on Immunizations
  • Click Print on the top of that page

COVID-19 Update 6/25/2020

Please note that our office hours and policies/procedures have been modified due to COVID-19.  Please refer to our homepage for the most up to date information!
Our new Patient Portal - MyChart  4/15/2020 

Please note that it is strongly recommended that patients 13 years and older have their own MyChart account (with their own email address).  Parent/legal guardians of patients 18+ will additionally need written consent from the patient.

Accessible by patients 13+ years AND parent/guardian of patients <13 years (full access):

  • Lab results
  • Health form/school form
  • Pre-physical questionnaires
  • After visit summaries
  • View allergies, medications, immunizations, growth chart, problem list
  • Send non-urgent messages to their child’s primary care provider
  • Pay bills & view statements (only patient & guarantor accounts only will see statements, all others may ‘pay as guest’)
  • Review, request, or cancel appointments
  • Make a referral request
  • Eligible to participate in virtual visits

Accessible by parent/legal guardian of adolescents age 13 years and older (limited access):

  • Growth charts
  • Immunization list
  • Send non-urgent messages to their child’s primary care provider
  • Pay bills (if accessing parent is also listed as the Guarantor, otherwise ‘pay as guest’)
  • Request appointments
  • Make a referral request
  • Letters and Health Forms

    To sign up for MyChart, please call the office!

New Electronic Medical Record System 3/26/2020 

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, we will convert to our new & vastly improved electronic health records system.

Some of the benefits are outlined below:
• Smoother scheduling and registration saving time for families
• Simplified, easy to understand statements and online bill pay
• Electronic prescribing of controlled substances
• Access to MyChart, the new patient portal where you can:
- Send and receive messages with your care team and practice
- Get copies of your immunization records, camp and sports
- View and pay your bill online

We are making every effort to ensure that there is minimal impact to you during this transition.  We thank you for your patience and assure you that the inconvenience is temporary.

Network & insurance changes...

Important message to our patients & families 11/18/2019

Our practice will be transitioning to a new physician network to join the Pediatric Physician's Organization at Children's (PPOC) in the new year.  While this change will align us with Boston Children's Hospital, one of the best pediatric hospitals in the country, it also means there will be some changes for our patients as we move forward.  Please view our complete letter to patients/families here! 

To summarize, our new network has their own accountable care organization (ACO).  We will be leaving Wellforce Fallon and joining the Children's Hospital ACO known as Tufts Health Together with Boston Children's ACO.  If your family is insured by Masshealth/Wellforce Fallon, please watch for information from the state to be sure we are still listed as your child's primary care physician (PCP).  

Additionally, we will no longer be contracted with the following insurances plans: Cigna Local Plus, Fallon Direct Care, Humana (all non-choice care PPO products), Tufts Health Unify & Tufts Together MCO, Tufts Select Spirit and Steward Plans.

Please check back here for updates and certainly call the office with any questions!

MA Immunization Information System 1/19/2016

We are pleased to announce that our office is now participating in the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS).  The MIIS is the new statewide, electronic record-keeping system (or registry) that keeps track of your immunizations (shots).  This new system will help us keep complete and accurate records of the shots that you or your children get from any doctor or healthcare provider in Massachusetts.  It was developed by the Immunization Program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  Our startup with the MIIS is January 2016. Please note that although immunizations given in the past are not currently available, our vendor is working to correct this issue.

The MIIS will eventually:

  • keep all of your immunization information together in one place for you & all your healthcare providers
  • allow providers to review which shots you and your children are due for and when
  • find immunizations given by other providers (such as flu shots or past providers)
  • allow other certified users (such as school nurses) to see your vaccines so they don’t need to ask you to ask your primary care for a copy

Immunization registries like the MIIS help healthcare providers make sure that everyone is up-to-date on their immunizations with the goal to keep us all healthy and prevent the spread of harmful disease.  The system has been created according to state law, which requires that healthcare providers who give immunizations report them to the MIIS.  All information in the MIIS is kept confidential.  You may choose to limit the providers who may see your or your child’s shot records in the MIIS.  However, if you do choose to limit who can view your/your child’s shot history, we may be unable to give you a complete and accurate record of your/your child’s shots.

More information about the MIIS is available from the office. You may also visit the MIIS website ( or contact the Massachusetts Immunization Program at 617-983-6800 or 888-658-2850.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment! 


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